34 Library Stories You May Have Missed in December

December was a busy month for the library field!  There were articles and blog posts covering everything from digital preservation to ugly Christmas sweaters, from new apps such as Snapchat to video games, and new initiatives such as the Norwegian book digitization project to the British Library’s 1 million public domain images.


  1. Snapchat for your library

  2. 11 Twitter chats for educators

  3. 7 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2014

  4. Visualizations of MARC usage

  5. Cozy bookish sweatshirts for Cold-Weather Reading

  6. 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Librarians

  7. 9 Book Recommendations Based on Your Favorite Social Media Platform

  8. The Best of iLibrarian 2013: Top 20 Posts Part I

  9. The Best of iLibrarian 2013: Top 20 Posts Part II

  10. All Norwegian books to be digitized

  11. New study: Many readers will not abandon print

  12. 7 Bookish Craft Projects to Put You in the Christmas Spirit

  13. Poster sessions: A beginner’s guide

  14. What if people were paid to study in the library?

  15. How to kill a school library in 10 easy steps

  16. Video game champions in the public library

  17. What is the lifespan of a research article?
  18. The library has left the building, but…

  19. Do you have digital preservation tools?

  20. No More Bullet Points: Finding the “Right” Creative Commons Images for Presentations

  21. Teen book clubs for grown-ups

  22. How I got my LIS groove back

  23. One book, many zombies: How to turn a pandemic simulation into an active learning experience

  24. How Americans value libraries in their communities

  25. Why Libraries Rule the World: Infographic

  26. The British Library Uploads One Million Public Domain Scans to Flickr

  27. Staffing for digital preservation

  28. 11 rare children’s books from the Library of Congress

  29. Re-engineer your library space

  30. Video games as literature

  31. Therapy dogs in the library

  32. Outreach ideas from the corporate world

  33. The 21 Best YA Books Of 2013

  34. 10 Ways Librarians can be a Marketing Genius Like Lady Gaga

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