42 Library Stories You May Have Missed in June

The month of June has been a busy news month for libraries.  If you’re still catching up on your reading you’ll want to check out this list of articles, blog posts, and infographics!

  1. The Future of Libraries: Short on Books, Long on Tech
  2. Younger Americans’ Library Habits and Expectations
  3. Tacit Knowledge and the Student Researcher
  4. The Card Catalog is Dead; Long Live the Card Catalog
  5. Library Infographics: 1930′s style
  6. Analyzing the MISO Data: Broader Perspectives on Library and Computing Trends
  7. Google vs. the Library: Student Preferences and Perceptions When Doing Research Using Google and a Federated Search Tool
  8. The Bartending Librarian: How Past Odd Jobs Help You Now
  9. Writing for the Profession: Paving a Path to Publication
  10. The Ultimate, Mega, Essential Website Design Guide – 115 Tools and Resources
  11. 30 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Technology News and Insights
  12. A Librarian’s Guide to Space Tourism – 32 Resources
  13. 10 Treehouse, Dollhouse, and other Truly Unique Libraries – Part I
  14. 10 Treehouse, Dollhouse, and other Truly Unique Libraries – Part II
  15. 10 Fun Ways to Feed Your Mind this Summer
  16. ALA Annual 2013 Newbies Twitter List
  17. Heard Off the Street: Library’s 3-D printer spits out all kinds of fun and learning
  18. Digital ‘Library For All’ Brings Books to Developing World
  19. Library of Congress Transitions to Free, Online-Only Cataloging Publications
  20. The Librarian’s Love/Hate/Love Relationship with Books
  21. Academics will need both the physical and virtual library for years to come
  22. Toronto library study aims to put a dollar figure on their value
  23. The Library Test Kitchen at Harvard
  24. The Best Uses for Your Local Library (That Aren’t Just Books)
  25. Every Library and Museum in America, Mapped
  26. Library Budgets, Journal Bundles, Reference Staffing
  27. Designing Libraries That Encourage Teens to Loiter
  28. Universities and Libraries Envision a ‘Federated System’ for Public Access to Research
  29. 10 Resources for Community Digital Archives
  30. The Library Is Open: A Look at Librarians and Tumblr
  31. My Library Usability Study Stage 1
  32. Why Are Zombies So Good for Libraries?
  33. ALA vs NSA: Reflecting on Libraries and Social Media
  34. Paper rules: Why borrowing an e-book from your library is so difficult
  35. What Kids Are Reading report
  36. Embedded Librarian 101: How to Get Started
  37. NSA Surveillance Reflects a Broader Interpretation of the Patriot Act
  38. Awesome Bookish Flooring
  39. A Brief Guide to Bookstagram
  40. Simple Ideas for S.T.E.M. Programming in Libraries
  41. Library-Related Acronyms
  42. What students need from reference librarians

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