47 Library Stories You May Have Missed in June

June was a great month for library and information science-related articles and blog posts.  If you’re still catching up on your news, you’ll want to check out these 47 stories on everything from chained libraries to setting up a Roku lending program in the library:

  1. The tweens of summer
  2. Serving military families
  3. Teen services in a rural library
  4. How to Conduct Library Website Usability Studies for Free
  5. 54 Library Stories You May Have Missed in May
  6. 10 Lesser-Known Horror Films Based on Books
  7. A Guide to Little-Known Image Collections with Millions of Free, Hi-Res Images
  8. 4 Free and Easy Ways to Display a Live Tweet Wall
  9. 7 Obscure and Intriguing NYC Libraries
  10. Digital preservation
  11. Orange is the new academia
  12. How to appear like you have it together
  13. This one is really bound in human skin
  14. Google tablets to be loaned at Queens branches
  15. Library as infrastructure

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