Big Things from a Small Company

You know the saying “Good things come in small packages”? Well, sometimes, big things come from small companies!  I’ve been doing some work for a group of library technology consultants who I want to let you all know about.  They have a small company called Law Library Management and, among other solutions, they develop custom applications for libraries using the Quickbase platform.

One of the applications they have developed is a complete library management system that’s fully customizable called HOLMES.  It’s unique in that it’s built on top of the Intuit Quickbase platform, which is a very powerful application development environment that offers complete flexibility to tailor your individual application for your library’s needs.  You may have heard of Intuit’s other applications which include Quickbooks and Turbo Tax.  This solution is perfect for small and solo libraries and yet can scale for larger academic libraries as well.

They are also currently working with the library community to develop a project management application that will take into account the specific needs of librarians.  And they are currently looking for beta testers, so if you’re interested please sign up here.

These folks are doing some pretty unique things.  In addition to these two apps, they also develop specific custom applications for libraries according to their specifications.  Quickbase is an incredibly versatile cloud application platform so the possibilities really are endless.  You can find out more about Law Library Management and the HOLMES application here – and while you’re there sign up for the next webinar!

Cosplay, Comics, and Geek Culture in Libraries Has Launched


After months of planning, and thanks to a team of exceptional writers, my new blog Cosplay, Comics, and Geek Culture in Libraries has gone live!

I decided to start this blog, not only because I am a self-proclaimed geek, cosplayer, and comics reader and collector myself, but because this is a cutting-edge area of growth in libraries with significant appeal to today’s patrons. I think that there is much that we can do to expand and develop this type of programming and collection development. And I’m not alone. I’ve been joined by a talented group of international writers, librarians, information professionals, and library patrons to provide articles and inspiration to libraries seeking to incorporate cosplay, comics, and geek culture in their libraries!

This is an exciting time for geeks of all kinds to be involved with libraries as today’s savvy libraries have begun to embrace new ways to engage library patrons such as fandom events, comic book and graphic novel collections, comic cons, cosplay events.

The intersection of these interests with libraries is a perfect match as libraries are striving to develop entertaining and educational new programs and services that will appeal to not only children but young adults as well as “kids at heart” of all ages. And these new programs and resources fit well with the interests of cosplayers who can utilize the equipment in library makerspaces such as 3D printers and sewing machines to create many of their props and costume pieces, as well as comics fans who can come to the library to read comics and graphic novel collections, video and board game enthusiasts who attend library gaming events, and geeks of all types who are drawn to “nerd nights”, Dr. Who marathons, and Harry Potter socials, etc.

Please come by and check us out and help support us by spreading the word!

Contribute to Cosplay, Comics, and Geek Culture in Libraries?

I’m starting a brand new blog and I’m inviting interested writers to contribute!

Are you interested in contributing to a new blog which will be called Cosplay, Comics, and Geek Culture in Libraries? After 7+ years as the iLibrarian (with over 100,000 unique monthly readers), I’m striking out on my own. The new website will spotlight all things geek and will stress their relevance to libraries, library culture, and librarian/patron interest.

Why will this new venture be a success?

  • I successfully built the readership at iLibrarian from 500 monthly viewers up to 20,000 and eventually to over 100,000.
  • My writing and editing skills have been recognized with numerous awards in varied topics including the 2014 Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award and the 2011 Greenwood Publishing Group Award for the Best Book in Library Literature awarded by The American Library Association.
  • My books have resulted in sales of nearly half a million dollars for publishers, or $471,434 to-date to be exact.
  • Cosplay, comics, and geek culture have hit the mainstream over recent years to become one of today’s hottest topics.
  • I’ve got a built-in platform of readers as well as credentials in both the library and cosplay worlds including a hyper-connected social media presence in this space including; Twitter (3,500 followers), Facebook(s) 1,400 friends/followers, LinkedIn (700+ contacts).

About me:

What’s the value to you?

This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what will be a very well-read blog and have your writing in front of librarians who may be looking to hire for related positions, for consultants or event organizers as well as publishers who may be seeking writers.

Here’s the site in progress: (It’s only got placeholder content right now as the site hasn’t launched yet!)

If you’re interested please contact me at and I’ll send you the blog scope statement and writing topics.

Farewell to iLibrarian


After 7+ wonderful years of blogging for the OEDb, it’s time to say goodbye to iLibrarian. Although the iLibrarian blog will no longer be updated, I will still be blogging!

Please follow me on Twitter at and here on my blog ( for updates about my new ventures!!! And you can always contact me at

It’s been an absolute pleasure blogging at iLibrarian, thank you to all of my readers for your loyal support and attention all these years. A post similar to this one will be going up on OEDb/iLibrarian in a week or two as well. Thank you!

Presenting on eBooks at AALL Seattle!

I will be discussing the current landscape of eBooks in law libraries at the AALL Annual 2013 conference on Tuesday, July 16th at 10:15 am.

How to Implement/Access an E-Book Collection in a Law Library

Date: Tuesday, July 16

Time: 10:15am – 11:45am

Location: 618-620

Description: Apple has sold more than 40 million iPads, and Amazon now sells more Kindle titles than print books. E-books have reached the tipping point. Libraries are watching the demand for e-book borrowing steadily rise and are responding by rolling out new e-book initiatives. Learn how to compare and evaluate e-book platforms, the ins and outs of pricing models-including demand-driven acquisitions, functionality unique to this format, and vendor types, as well as the questions you should ask about technical requirements. Become knowledgeable about the key challenges and benefits of launching an e-book initiative in your law library, as well as alternatives to purchasing e-books.

Takeaway 1: Participants will understand the various e-book vendor types, sales and pricing models- including demand-driven acquisitions, and functionality of major e-book packages.

Takeaway 2: Participants will be able to create an informed list of questions about content, functionality, and technical requirements of e-book packages to submit to vendors.

Takeaway 3: Participants will also become knowledgeable about alternatives to purchasing e-books.

Who should attend: Reference and acquisitions librarians; library administrators

Speaking at the West Cork Literary Festival


I’m very excited to let everyone know that I’ll be giving a 3-day professional workshop on How to Create and Manage Your Online Presence at the West Cork Literary Festival, a week-long celebration of writing and reading for people of all ages in Bantry, Ireland. If you’re a writer, musician, or songwriter or just plan to be on south west coast of Ireland the week of July 8-12, 2013, please register for my workshop!

10 Great Technology Initiatives for Your Library

I have an article titled 10 Great Technology Initiatives for Your Library in the latest issue of American Libraries.

’Todays hottest web and mobile technologies are offering libraries a new world of opportunities to engage patrons. Ultra-popular social media websites and apps combined with the availability of affordable cloud-based services and the evolution and adoption of mobile devices are enabling librarians to share and build communities, store and analyze large collections of data, create digital collections, and access information and services in ways never thought about before.”