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10 Great Slidedecks from SLA 2013

1) KM Content that Delivers: Learn from the Early Adopters

Catherine Monte – Chief Knowledge Officer, Fox Rothschild
Nina Platt – Senior Director, Legal Market Services, LAC Group
Nola Vanhoy – Director of Practice Innovation, Alston & Bird LLP

The legal profession has tough requirements for its information providers. Not surprisingly, the legal community was among the early adopters of knowledge management practices to help manage their information systematically and efficiently and convey information to their stakeholders. The legal environment thus is in a unique position to provide “lessons learned” from their KM programs. Hear how the legal environment has raised the standards, workflows, and processes to deliver true efficiency in service delivery and agility in performance outcomes.


2) 60 Sites in 60 Minutes

John DiGilio – National Manager of Research Services, Reed Smith
Gayle Lynn-Nelson – LexisNexis
Samuel Wiggins – Information Officer, Norton Rose LLP

This wildly popular session that explores new and under-utilized Websites returns for another year. Fast-paced and fun, it offers a glimpse of what you may be missing on the Web.


3) The Accidental Systems Librarian: Using Our Librarian Competencies in Managing Systems

Nicole C. Engard – VP of Education, ByWater Solutions

This workshop takes the approach that anyone with a solid foundation in the practices and principles of librarianship and a willingness to confront and learn about changing technology can serve effectively in a library systems position—with or without formal technology training. Nicole C. Engard, author of The Accidental Systems Librarian, shares her practical advice on using research, communication, and organizational bibliographic skills to solve various systems problems is geared to helping both “accidental” and “planned” systems librarians develop the skills they need to succeed and the confidence they need to excel. This course will introduce systems librarian to the basics of what it means to work in systems in libraries and provide them with a toolbox to both succeed at their job and keep up with technologies.


4) Where Did the Books Go? Exploring E-Library Models at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Libraries at Cornell University

Jeremy Cusker – Earth Science & Engineering Outreach Librarian, Cornell University
Dianne Dietrich – Phyiscs & Astronomy Librarian, Cornell University
Jill Wilson – Outreach Coordinator, Cornell University
Within two years, both the Physical Sciences Library and Engineering Library at Cornell University closed their stacks and transitioned to e-libraries. These changes were largely in response to a declining budget and recognition that our users largely coexist in the online environment when conducting research. This new business model presents challenges to the PS and Engineering librarians, including communicating where the print resources have gone and how to access online material and get help from librarians. The new e-library models encourage us to reinvent ways of performing outreach and to develop virtual tools and services to further assist our science communities.

5) Implementing Open Source

Nicole C. Engard – VP of Education, ByWater Solutions

This program will introduce attendees to the concept of open source and discuss how it can be used in libraries. The speaker will provide tips on the decision making process for implementing open-source software, focusing on integrated library systems. She will also address the factors that need to be considered and explain how to decide which is best–commercial off-the-shelf, institution-supported open source, or vendor-supported open source.


6) The Key Success Factor in Knowledge Management…What Else? Change Management

Patti Anklam – Principal Consultant, Net Work
Ethel M. Salonen – Department Head, Information Services, The MITRE Corporation
Change is inevitable, yet organizations and their employees typically find it difficult to adapt. Learn to use change management as part of a knowledge management strategy to effect change within the social infrastructure of the workplace. Knowledge sharing is not rewarded in many organizations, and a well-executed change management program may be required before taking on knowledge management efforts and/or achieving desired business outcomes. This session will explore change management solutions with a panel of KM practitioners who will share case studies, practical tips, and lessons learned on how best practices in change management can affect the success of knowledge sharing initiatives.


7) SharePoint Speed Dating: Tips and Techniques from the Pros: Quick Tips for Creating a Competitive Intelligence SharePoint Site

Nedra Allmond – Technical Consultant, K2
Megan Buttita – Senior Information Specialist, Allstate
Mike Doane – Term Management LLC
Chris Givens – CEO, Architecting Connected Systems
Karen McQuillen – Manager, Library and Informaiton Services, ETS
Catherine Monte – Chief Knowledge Officer, Fox Rothschild
Fred Wergeles – Fred Wergeles & Associates
Join us for a dynamic session to “speed date” with six SharePoint pros who will share their favorite techniques and best practices for using this popular platform in their daily work. Presenters will use laptops and/or mobile devices to walk you through topics such as mobile content delivery, hacking SharePoint to get to do what you want, pitfalls in getting started, taxonomy and managed metadata tips, gathering knowledge from your sales force, and integrating SharePoint with other CI software. Intended to be lively and interactive, this session gives you the opportunity to learn and share your own experiences as you travel from table to table.


8) SPOTLIGHT SESSION: The Race to the Patent Office – the Impact of the America Invents Act

Moderator: Betty Edwards – Senior Research Analyst, Draper Laboratory
Denise Chochrek – Sr. Knowledge Analyst, Frito Lay
Janet Gongola – Associate Commissioner Patent Reform, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
James Hagler – Senior Patent Counsel, Qualcomm, Inc.
The America Invents Act (Patent Reform Act) went into effect on 16 March 2013. It switched the U.S. patent system from “first to invent” to “first to file” and is the most significant change to the system in nearly 60 years. The act has wide ramifications concerning the kinds of innovations that are patentable, who owns inventions, who can use inventions, and how patents are challenged and defended. A panel of speakers will discuss how the act has affected the patent process and the dramatic and unforeseen impacts they have seen since the law went into effect.

9) Just Say No to Aimlessness! Strategic Leveraging of Social Media Content

Ethel M. Salonen – Department Head, Information Services, The MITRE Corporation
Cheryl Yanek – Senior Associate Librarian, Catalyst, Inc.
The goal of any successful social media initiative for a public or private organization is to create useful output that benefits the organization and the contributors using these platforms. Learn how to assemble attractive and fun social media environments that stimulate strong participation, effective knowledge sharing, and customer feedback that can finally bridge the communication gap between the organization and its clients or customers.


10) Next Generation Sci-Tech Librarians: Helping Institutions and Researchers Increase Their Impact

Moderator – Lutishoor Salisbury – Chemistry Librarian, University of Arkansas
Elizabeth Brown – Scholarly Communications and Library Grants Officer, Binghamton University Libraries
Susan Makar – Research Librarian, US National Institute of Standards & Technology – NIST
Jason Priem – Co-founder, ImpactStory
The role of the sci-tech librarian is changing – it’s not just reference assistance and cataloging anymore. The sci-tech librarian of the future is an analyst using citation and publication data to demonstrate the impact of a customer’s research and, in turn, the impact of the parent organization. Librarians will share practical information about how they serve customers in this non-traditional role.

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