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These are my current available talks, webinars, and workshops. I speak at national and international library and information technology conferences as well as library consortia, and many other venues. I offer one-hour technology talks, as well as half, full, and 3-day workshops, and live webcasts.  I also have a large online audience – over 300,000 views of my online presentations on Slideshare.

flyer_smMakerspaces in Libraries Workshops and Webinars

Makerspaces are creative, DIY spaces where people can gather to create, invent, and learn. In libraries they often have 3D printers, software, electronics, craft and hardware supplies and tools, and more.  Forward-thinking libraries are already building their own dedicated makerspaces and developing valuable STEM programming based on the tools and technologies found therein.  Learn all about the essential tools and technologies found in makerspaces and how you can host engaging STEM programming using tech such as Raspberry Pis, wearable electronics, virtual reality, and robotics in your library whether you have a dedicated makerspace or not!

cosplay_workshopCosplay in Libraries Workshops and Webinars

Cosplay, comics, anime, and geek culture have exploded into the mainstream over recent years and have resulted in a thriving community of costume enthusiasts and pop culture fans.  Libraries on the leading edge are already embracing this new worldwide sensation by integrating cosplay into their programming and events. Learn all about the world of cosplay and how you can host cosplay events, workshops, makerspaces, clubs, and more in your library!  Workshops for librarians and/or library patrons of all ages!

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  • Cosplay 101: How to Cosplay
  • How to Host a  Library Comic Con
  • How to Host a 3D Props Making Event
  • How to Host Budget Cosplay Events and Themed Library Lock-ins
  • How to Host Cosplay Contests



15 Free Technologies for Libraries

Libraries are continually faced with the challenge of making the most of their budgets while progressively increasing efficiency and library services.  Learn about the benefits of many different types of free software and open source applications to improve your internal operations, market library services, and encourage staff collaboration.  Find out what types of free applications are available for electronic resources management (ERM), private intranets, reference statistics tracking, email management and more in this informative session!



onine_presenceHow to Create & Manage Your Online Presence (3-Day Workshop)

In today’s competitive job market it’s more important than ever to have an impressive online presence. This workshop session will provide tips for managing your personal brand portfolio which includes everything from your portfolio webpage to your presence on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You will learn how to discover what your personal brand currently consists of (yes, you are online in some capacity – discover what others can find out about you and how this effects your image), and how to develop strategies for branding success. We will discuss the “what and how” of posting to new social media websites and the ways in which that impacts how you are perceived online.  



How to Create Your Own Knowledge Base

Setting up a centralized knowledge base for your library can be a great way to collaboratively brainstorm ideas, gather specialized knowledge, organize instructional resources, and even replace intranets. Creating a private, personal knowledge base will keep you organized, store your files, and provide an online space for brainstorming, reading lists, project ideas, to-do lists, and even travel plans.  Learn how to create your own personal and organizational repositories of information and knowledge with no technical skills required!


card_sortingCard Sorting from A-Z

Web users spend an average of 8–10 seconds and three clicks on your Web site looking for what they need before they get frustrated and click away. Whether you are developing a new Web site or redesigning an existing one, it is imperative to determine an intuitive and usable navigational structure and taxonomy for your user community. Card sorting is a technique used in the information architecture field to determine a classification scheme that speaks to your user population. Discover how to use this quick and inexpensive technique to understand how your users think about your Web site and its content. Learn how to run both an open and a closed card sort, analyze the results, and make recommendations based on your data. This workshop explores both online and offline card-sorting techniques as well as analysis software. Make sure your information is findable and increase usability by involving your users in the process of designing your Web site — they will thank you for it!!!!


Evaluating eBook Offeringsebooks

Apple has sold over 40 million iPads and Amazon now sells more Kindle titles than print books…e-Books have reached the tipping point.  Libraries are watching the demand for e-book borrowing steadily rise and are responding by rolling out new e-book initiatives.  Already, 95% of both academic and public libraries are offering e-books.  But the current landscape of e-books come with a myriad of vendor types, pricing and service models, formats, and features.  What are some of the major questions to keep in mind when evaluating these packages, and what are other libraries doing about e-books?



Upcoming Talks



Past Talks


  • “Makerspaces in Libraries/Cosplay in Libraries” Indiana State Libraries Week long tour – Sept 19-23.
  • “Cosplay 101: How to Cosplay” Cherry Hill Public Library Cosplay Day, Cherry Hill, NJ April 2016
  • Programming with Cosplay: Embracing Costume Play in your LibraryAmerican Library Association Chicago, IL January 2016.




  • “The Future of Libraries”Online Information 2013, London, UK, Nov 2013.
  • “How To Implement/Access an eBook Collection in a Law Library” AALL 2013, Seattle, WA, July 2013.
  • “How to Create & Manage Your Online Presence” West Cork Literary Festival, Bantry, Ireland, 3-day Workshop, July 2013.
  • “Evaluating e-Book Offerings”, METRO, New York, NY, Webinar, June 2013.
  • “Libraries to Go: Mobile Tech in Libraries”, METRO, New York, NY, Webinar, May 2013.
  • “How to Create & Manage Your Online Presence”, METRO, New York, NY, Webinar, April 2013.
  • “How to Create Your Own Library (or Personal!) Knowledge Base”, METRO, New York, NY, Webinar, March 2013.
  • “Going Digital: The Challenges of eBooks in Law Libraries”, LLAGNY, New York, NY January 2013.




  • “Libraries and the Cloud”, Online Information Conference, London, England Dec 2010
  • “Personal Digital Archiving”, METRO, New York, NY Dec 2010
  • “How to Create & Manage Your Online Presence”, METRO, New York, NY Oct 2010
  • “Personal Digital Archiving”, iPres2010, Vienna, Austria, Sept 2010
  • “Cool Tools” Track Chair/Moderator, Computers in Libraries, Washington, DC, April 2010
  • “How to Create & Manage Your Online Presence”, Tech Talk – Barnard College, New York, NY April 2010
  • “Libraries and the Cloud”, IT-faggruppen, Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2010
  • “Libraries To Go: Mobile Tech in Libraries”, Nylink, Webcast Feb 2010



  • “The Mobile Web and Libraries”, NEASIS&T Mobile Mania, Nov 2008
  • “The Open Movement and Libraries”, METRO, Nov 2008
  • “Libraries and the Hive Mind”, METRO, Webcast June 2008
  • “Drupal and Libraries” Computers in Libraries, Washington, DC, Apr 2008
  • “Industry Learnings & Libraries” Computers in Libraries, Washington, DC, Apr 2008
  • “Industries Using Hot Tech” Track Chair/Moderator, Computers in Libraries, Washington, DC, Apr 2008
  • “Folksonomies and Social Tagging”, ABQLA, Montreal, Quebec Apr 2008
  • “Presentation Skills”, Columbia University, New York, NY Apr 2008
  • “Online Community”, Hartford Public Library, Hartford, CT Apr 2008
  • “Technology Solutions Planning”, METRO, New York, NY Apr 2008
  • “Web 2.0 for Librarians & Info Pros” Education Institute, Webcast, Apr 2008
  • “Card Sorting from A-Z” Simmons College, South Hadley, MA Mar 2008
  • “Social Software in Academic Libraries”, New York Public Library, New York, NY Mar 2008
  • “Social Bookmarking Complete”, METRO, Webcast Feb 2008




  • How to Create an Online Interactive Map Using Microsoft Visio Professional METRO, Oct 2005



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