The Ultimate Who-To-Follow Guide for Tweeting Librarians, Info Pros, and Educators

Wondering about who you should be following on Twitter to keep up with the steady stream of updates in Libraryland?  Well, here’s a list of lists!   This quick guide will give you 30 great lists of librarians, instructors, and information professionals that you’ll want to follow on Twitter as well as tweeting authors’ accounts and people and publications to follow to gain tech insights.  Check out each of these and start subscribing!!


    My lists of librarians to follow on Twitter

  1. Librarians 483 members
  2. Librarians Continued 142 members
  3. Law Librarians 107 members
  4. Joe Murphy’s Lists:

  5. librarians 496 members
  6. librarians 2 497 members
  7. librarians 3 494 members
  8. librarians 4 496 members

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