How to Create a Video Press Release for Your Library with Adobe Voice

This morning I created this video press release for my library with Adobe’s new free app for the iPad called Adobe Voice. This easy-to-use app was just released last month and it allows you to create stories using a combination of still images, icons, voice narration, and background music. The end result is a cross between a video and a slideshow.


The app is very simple to get started with. First you choose the type of story you’d like to tell such as “Teach a Lesson” or “Give a Tour” and Voice will launch a template for you to fill in with your content.


By clicking into each slide you’re given the opportunity to choose the layout, record narration by holding the record button (you can re-do your narration endless times which really makes this stress-free!), and then choosing what you want to go on the slide. You can choose from the millions of images that Voice provides for you to search or upload your own, or you can pick out one of the 25,000 icons the app offers.

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5 Ways Libraries Can Use Vine for Marketing

Last summer I wrote about 15 Cool Ways Libraries Can Use Vine to Create Social Videos and suggested a variety of different uses for Vine videos for libraries. Since then, many companies have been making use of the 6-second video format offered by this Twitter-owned social media company and in some very creative ways.   Here are five fantastic implementations of Vine videos for you to ponder how you could steal these ideas to market your own library !


1) ASOS Makes the Mundane Interesting

  This UK retailer took an otherwise boring task – opening a box – and made it into an exciting video highlighting its products and capturing the interest of potential customers. The company also encourages its customers to create their own and attach a hashtag to their videos. What about libraries opening boxes of books or perhaps other everyday library occurrences such as book binding, spine labeling, stamping, etc.?  

2) Samsung Uses Stop Motion Animation for Extra Points

The Vine app has inherent stop motion capabilities that you can employ by simply by tapping your phone’s screen…here’s how.   Many companies have created stunning videos using this process such as these.  I can think of a million ways that libraries can create stop motion videos such as lightning fast library tours, animations with books, videos similar to this one featuring the high-tech devices the library owns, etc.


3) AirBNB Combines Vines into a Short Film

The AirBNB travel company defied the 6-second time limit on Vine videos by stitching them together to create the first short film made entirely of Vines. The video is 4 minutes long and features the journey of a piece of paper around the world. It premiered at the Sundance Festival. Think of what libraries could do with this format! The free online application Cameo enables you to stitch together your Vines into a longer video.



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15 Cool Ways Libraries Can Use Vine to Create Social Videos

Vine is a new social video application from the folks at Twitter that will let you create and share short and sweet 6-second videos that loop.  This exciting free app is available for both iOS and Android devices.  And libraries have already begun adopting this popular new format.  If you’re wondering what can be accomplished in a 6-second video, here are some ideas for ways libraries can use Vine videos:

  • #1) Highlight New Books

    Use these quick and looping videos to show off your new acquisitions, recent release walls, and other bookshelves.

  • #2) Showcase Library Exhibits

    What’s the best way to draw people into your library to see an exhibit? Show them a quick preview of the treasures they’ll see if they make the trip.

  • #3) Offer Micro Library Tours

    Just finish a renovation? Want to show off your improvements or just your library in general? Create a quick, looped video showing off the highlights of your library.

  • #4) Spotlight Library Events

    What better way to let people know about your fun and educational events than to show them quick video clips from the gatherings.

  • #5) Offer Instruction and Tips

    Not all library instruction can be accomplished in 6 seconds, but some quick tips for how to find resources or access materials can be demonstrated quite neatly in that time frame.

  • #6) Introduce Your Librarians

    Offer and online meet and greet through a Vine video post where you spotlight your helpful library staff.

  • #7) Show Off the Library’s Artists’ Books

    Vine videos are the perfect medium through which libraries with collections of artists’ books can really show them off to their patrons and beyond.

  • #8) Spotlight a Makerspace or Other Unique Space

    If your library has a makerspace, 3D printer, or other unique space or library service to offer, a Vine video is s great way to make it visible to the world.

  • #9) Aggregate Content into “Best of” Videos

    Why not spotlight the “best of ” a journal or publication, an author or actor through a Vine Video.

  • #10) Highlight Your Patrons and Their Work

    If your library shows off student or patron art work, etc. within the library, why not share it with the world as well?

  • more…

    I can think of a number of other great ways that libraries can utilize Vine videos. Has anyone created these types of videos for their libraries? If so, please post links to them and other innovative Vine videos in the comments!!

  • #11) Snaptshots of Professional Library Conferences & Events
  • #12) Quick Book, DVD, and App Reviews
  • #13) Behind-the-Scenes at the Library Vids
  • #14) Breaking News at the Library
  • #15) Mobile App Tips & Tricks



How to Get Started with Vine

Vine is relatively straight-forward to learn since it basically only involves creating short videos so if you’re just getting started you should be up and running very quickly. Here are some great resources with tips, tricks, and recommendations that will have you shooting videos like a pro.



Vine and Libraries

For more on the many different ways that libraries are making use of the Vine application, check out these great resources:

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