Consulting Services

I provide consulting to libraries in the areas of escape rooms, technology, makerspaces, and cosplay.  Here are my main services, please feel free to inquire about others at

Escape Room Design

If you’d like an escape room designed for your library or library conference/event, I am available to assist you. I also have an Alexander Hamilton-themed escape room that I have run numerous times at The New York Law Institute with great success.  Here’s the description:

“”Resident librarian, cat lover, and conspiracy theorist Addison Adley has vanished into thin air. She was last seen in the private library of Alexander Hamilton conducting research surrounding her life’s work and obsession, which was her theory that founding father Alexander Hamilton did not die on July 12, 1804 as a result of his duel with Aaron Burr, but instead was actually an intrepid time traveler who used the incident as an opportunity to disappear to travel through the ages. Not surprisingly, the authorities are not taking this seriously. Your job is to find clues as to her disappearance before the local police come in to clear the crime scene and disrupt everything. You have thirty minutes.””

Makerspaces, Cosplay, and Libraries

  • Host a Comic (or Anime!) Con in Your Library
    • Need help planning all the ins and outs of organizing a library comic con including featured guests, cos
    • play contests, gaming events, food vendors, marketing, exhibitors, and more?  I can help you be sure your event is a success from conception to event day!
  • Cosplay Events
    • Whether it’s a fandom event, library lock-in, costume contest, prop building workshop, or cosplay classes, I can help you bring all the excitement of cosplay to your library patrons!
  • Makerspace Planning
    • Want to build a makerspace in your library but don’t know where to start?  I can help you build a dynamic makerspace that fits your budget and patron interest areas.
  • Makerspace Events
    • Want to host a 3D modeling workshop with Tinkercad, host a 3D printing event, sewing event, or engage learners with electronics and circuitry such as Chibi Lights, or Makey Makey?  I can help you plan and organize these exciting events which spark creativity and teach valuable STEM skills!

Technology in Libraries

  • Technology Planning & Strategy
    • Choosing an ILS system for your library?  Considering a purchase of a 3D printer?  I can help you plan for and choose the technology solution that’s right for your library.
  • Project Management
    • Are you developing a custom application for your library?  Undertaking a large digitization project?  I will manage your project from requirements gathering to assessment and work with both on-site and remote teams to ensure your project’s success.
  • Library Website Redesign
    • I’ve been designing websites for over two decades and can lead your library through strategy, planning, design, implementation, usability testing, and assessment.
  • Usability Studies
    • Want to know if your library patrons are finding what they need on your website?  Trying to develop a taxonomy or navigation system that’s intuitive for your users?  I can conduct heuristic evaluations and content audits of your library website to determine what’s working and what’s not, host card sorting tests to determine a usable navigational structure, host scenario-based usability tests to determine if your website design is intuitive for your patrons and more.
  • Technical Writing
    • I’ve been writing technical documentation for many years and have published many practical, easy-to-understand books on cutting-edge technology.  Do you want to document the process of how statistics gathering is handled in your library, or what the inter-departmental archival process is of digitizing materials, or perhaps develop clear and concise patron guides to using your resources and technology?  I can create those documents complete with annotated screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

Also, be sure to check out my talks and workshops which can be given at one branch of your library or system-wide.