“The American Library Association (ALA) has named “The Tech Set” the winner of the 2011 Greenwood Publishing Group Award for the Best Book in Library Literature. “The Tech Set” was envisioned, created, and edited by Ellyssa Kroski and published by Neal-Schuman”Cheryl Malden, ALA.



Editor Ellyssa Kroski has gathered together leaders in the library information technology field to share their knowledge and expertise with us in a must have Tech Set series. This series will answer almost any question a librarian can have about such emerging technologies as mobile computing, next generation catalogs, gaming, microblogging and so much more.” – —Michelle Frisque, President, Library and Information Technology Association and Head, Information Systems, Galter Health Sciences Library

Ten volumes of current thinking and best practice… a valued addition to any librarian’s toolkit when planning services using emerging technologies. – —Michael Stephens, Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Dominican University

Ellyssa Kroski does a superb job of introducing new technologies and concepts in understandable language, and then demonstrating their use in multiple capacities… An exceptional reference source that is engaging and easy to read. It is highly recommended reading for all librarians, and for all public and academic library collections.
— Catholic Library World, June 2009

“These books will become well-thumbed, dog-eared references for anyone charged with determining or implementing the next generation of patron services.”
— Library Journal, June 2010

Info pros can sense Kroski’s careful compilation of hot topics and trending technologies by notable experts on timely topics…For those curious about the best practices on using library technologies, The Tech Set is an excellent collection offering expert insight on everything ranging from library catalogs to integrating social networking tools in library services.
— Information World Review

Web 2.0 for Librarians and Information Professionals answers three basic questions – what is it, why is it important, and how it can work for you…Kroski covers all of these in her extensive work, while focusing on the general nature of the tools of Web 2.0 rather than on specific services…A welcome addition to any libraries professional collection.
— ARBA, March 2009

We’ve seen lots of books lately on Library 2.0. Ellyssa Kroski’s handy Web 2.0 for Librarians and Information Professionals stands out because it surveys almost every current library manifestation of cutting-edge, participatory technology— not just wikis and blogs, but also newsreaders, bookmarking, photo and video sharing, social cataloging, social networking, answers services, vertical search engines, virtual worlds, mashups, and more. Besides describing each technology, Kroski explains how and why libraries are using it, and provides plenty of examples and applications. — American Libraries, August 2008


“Last year, Web 2.0 trailblazer Ellyssa Kroski broke new ground with her issue of Library Technology Reports, “On The Move with the Mobile Web: Libraries and Mobile Technologies”. The report was a comprehensive exploration of how libraries can use mobile technology effectively as the technology becomes more and more mainstream.”Daniel A. Freeman, ALA.

“Befitting a librarian, Ms. Kroski’s posts are well researched and well cited.”Marci Alboher, The New York Times.

“Ellyssa Kroski’s superbly researched and written new article, The Hype and Hullabaloo of Web 2.0…It’s a must-read piece whether you’re a die-hard aficionado or a battle-hardened detractor.” Dion Hinchcliffe, Web 2.0 Blog.

“Leave it to a librarian to demonstrate that blog posts don’t have to be free-wheeling, loosely-structured, rambling opinion pieces with healthy doses of rant and snark, but can instead be structured, elegantly-organized, thoughtful and sober explanations of important topics.”Scott Karp, Publishing 2.0.

“This is blogging of a most scholarly level – with citations to boot! Any library folk that want to read up on folksonomy, this is a HOT one.”Michael Stephens, Tame the Web.

“Ellyssa Kroski has compiled a nice overview of current trends in web design…It’s Jakob Nielsen 2.0.”Henrik Olsen, GUUUI – The Interaction Designer’s Coffee Break.

“Kroski’s overview of (some) tag-based applications and some of folksonomy’s strengths and weaknesses is good enough that it convinced me not to attempt such an overview: Why bother, when she’s done it so well?”Walt Crawford, Cites and Insights.

“In her iLibrarian blog, Ellyssa Kroski, Columbia University reference librarian, recently published “Top 10 FaceBook Apps for Librarians,” an impressive range, including book review applications such as Books
iRead…Kroski just wrote Web 2.0 for Librarians and Information Professionals, which covers a variety of innovative technologies…”
Carol TenopirLibrary Journal.

“Ellyssa Kroski at ACRL New York symposium : about the best summary of where we are with use of social software in academic libraries.”Peter Godwin, Information Literacy Meets Web 2.0.

“Ellyssa Kroski, Reference Librarian at Columbia University, has just come out with a fantastic article on using Web 2.0 for academic libraries. The Social Tools of Web 2.0: Opportunities for Academic Libraries”Allan ChoAllan’s Library

“Ellyssa Kroski is one of the great Web 2.0 thinkers IMHO”Dion Hinchcliffe.

“Ellyssa Kroski’s new iLibrarian blog is affiliated with OEDb — that speaks well of them.”Walt Crawford, Library Journal.

“Check out the iLibrarian’s Guide to Twitter in Libraries. Pretty much everything you want to know is right there. Kudos to iLibrarian’s author, Ellyssa Kroski.”Sarah Houghton-Jan, LibrarianInBlack.


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