Complete Published Book List – 75 Titles



1. Escape Rooms and Other Immersive Experiences in the Library 2. Makerspaces: A Practical Guide for Librarians, Second Edition
3. Cosplay in Libraries: How to Embrace Costume Play in Your Library 4. Web 2.0 for Librarians and Information Professionals

Edited Editions

5. 32 Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Programs for Libraries 6. Makerspaces in Practice: Successful Models for Implementation
7. 52 Ready-to-Use Gaming Programs for Libraries 8. Law Librarianship in the Age of AI
9. 53 Ready-to-Use Kawaii Craft Projects 10. 60 Ready-to-Use Coding Projects
11. The Makerspace Librarian’s Sourcebook 12. 63 Ready-to-Use Maker Projects
13. Law Librarianship in the Digital Age

Edited Series

Practical Guides for Librarians 2021 Series

14. Exhibits and Displays 15. Senior Services Today
16. Podcasting 17. Knowledge Management
18. Library Management 19. Liaison Engagement Success

Practical Guides for Librarians 2020 Series

20. Fundraising for Academic Libraries 21. E-Textiles in Libraries
22. Systems Librarianship 23. Developing a Library Accessibility Plan
24. Terrific Makerspace Projects 25. Anime Clubs for Public Libraries

Practical Guides for Librarians 2019 Series

26. Yoga and Meditation at the Library 27. Teaching First-Year College Students
28. Library Volunteers 29. Creating a Tween Collection
30. Developing a Residency Program 31. Reaching Diverse Audiences with Virtual Reference and Instruction
32.  How to Write and Get Published

Practical Guides for Librarians 2018 Series

33. Intentional Marketing 34. Electronic Resources Librarianship
35. STEM Programming for All Ages 36. Comic Book Collections and Programming
37. Coding for Children and Young Adults in Libraries 38. Gaming Programs for All Ages at the Library
39.  Teen Fandom and Geek Programming 40. Serving LGBTQ Teens
41.  Making Library Websites Accessible 42. Instructional Design Essentials
43.  Finding and Using U.S. Government Information

Library Technology Essentials – 12 Volume Set

44. Wearable Technology: Smart Watches to Google Glass for Libraries by Tom Bruno 45. MOOCs and Libraries by Kyle C. Courtney
46. Free Technology for Libraries by Amy Deschenes 47. Makerspaces in Libraries by Theresa Willingham and Jeroen DeBoer
48. Knowledge Management for Libraries by Valerie Forrestal 49. WordPress for Libraries by Chad Haefele
50. Game It Up!: Using Gamification to Incentivize Your Library by David Folmar 51. Data Visualizations and Infographics by Sarah K. C. Mauldin
52. Mobile Social Marketing in Libraries by Samantha C. Helmick 53. Digital Collections and Exhibits by Juan Denzer
54. Using Tablets and App in Libraries by Elizabeth Willse 55. Responsive Web Design in Libraries by Jason Clark

The Tech Set®, Volumes 1-10:

56. Next-Gen Library Catalogs, by Marshall Breeding 57. Mobile Technology and Libraries, by Jason Griffey
58. Microblogging and Lifestreaming in Libraries, byRobin M. Hastings 59. Library Videos and Webcasts, by Sean Robinson
60. Wikis for Libraries, by Lauren Pressley 61. Technology Training in Libraries, by Sarah Houghton-Jan
62. A Social Networking Primer for Librarians, by Cliff Landis 63. Library Camps and Unconferences, by Steve Lawson
64. Gaming in Libraries, by Kelly Czarnecki 65. Effective Blogging For Libraries, by Connie Crosby

The Tech Set® #11-20:

66. Cloud Computing for Libraries 67. Building Mobile Library Applications
68. Location-Aware Services and QR Codes for Libraries 69. Drupal in Libraries
70. Strategic Planning for Social Media in Libraries 71. Next-Gen Library Resdesign
72. Screencasting for Libraries 73. User Experience (UX) Design for Libraries
74. IM and SMS Reference Services for Libraries 75. Semantic Web Technologies and Social Searching for Librarians

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